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Chamber music by Michael A. Kimbell: [C2p]

Poème for violin (or flute) and harp
12 min
Premiered June 2009 in the Kaisersaal, Ottobeuren, Germany and at Salon Linton France, Vienna, Austria by Nandor and Katrina Szederkenyi, and presented at the World Harp Congress 2011 in Vancouver, Canada.
See and hear the excerpts

Download the world premiere recording by the Wiener Saitenspiel Duo, Katrina Szederkenyi, harp and Nandor Szederkenyi, violin in mp3 format or order by email the complete CD with other works by Saint-Saëns, Damase, Fauré etc.

buy violin/flute version (pdf)

The harp music is identical in both versions.

If you would like a bound score please send us an email with a request.