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Piano Duets from the Romantic Period

(Vierhändige Klaviermusik der Romantik)

Edited by Michael and Edith Kimbell.
Published 1999 and 2000 by Robert Lienau Musikverlag, Germany
(RL 40510 and RL 40520).

An anthology of masterpieces by lesser-known composers.

Volume one includes:
Four Marches op. 2 by Wilhelm Taubert (1881-1891), Six Waltzes op. 152 by Stephen Heller (1813-1888), and Three Fantasy Pieces op. 9 by Carl Reinecke (1824-1910).

Volume two includes:
Gigue op. 29 by Woldemar Bargiel (1828-1897), Four Pieces from op. 57 by Theodor Kirchner (1823-1903), and Sonate Miniature by Carl Reinecke.

Vierhändige Klaviermusik der Romantik
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